Sunday, March 24, 2013



  1. I like what I'm seeing here buddy. I'm just waiting till you fix that girl's head a bit, then I'll be digging that piece so hard. I like that you cut the image a bit closer. I'm dead serious though play with that sun on the water! put some speckles of light there! Just kind of reel me in! (ha ha ha cause it's a fishing rod).

    I'm impressed by the bottom image, but maaaaybe some sun shining down could add a stronger light source on him and it could scatter around his body on the places you want. The only thing that gets me in his right hand. It seems to cut off and I'm really sure if that's intentional or not. Aside from that these are coming along very well my Canadian friend

    1. I considered putting the sun's highlights on the water in the first image like you suggested before, but I decided against it. It messes too much with my visual hierarchy. I'm trying to keep people from focusing too much on the water (and more importantly, what lurks beneath it) so that they're not likely to notice it on the first glance. The golden highlights would just draw the eye to that area.

      As for the head - I want to fix it, but I can't see what's wrong with it. Could you be more specific?


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