Sunday, December 16, 2012


IDW001, "Dark Sharks: Melee Space Mechs"
In the far future, the Chinese government will overpass the space technology of all rival nations and have established homebases on far away planets.
An hostile and intelligent alien race was discovered on a planet in a far away system. The aliens attacked the Chinese and repealed their attempts in harvesting information of their world, aswell destroying all their research ships.
The chinese government choose to send out a squad of space marines in a newly devolped Space Mech. Space Travel does not allow the transport of nuclear or biological weaponary, so the Chinese Space team devolped mechs with strong Melee capibilities to protect future research teams.
These Mechs were known as the DarkSharks.

Honestly, a lot of these IDW briefs are pretty retarded, but I picked out all of the ones that weren't completely idiotic. This is, unfortunately, one of the stupider ones.

It's kind of weird to imagine a shark brawling someone, so I tried to stay away from the basic idea of a melee mech... If one could even come up with a stereotype for such a thing. Instead, I wanted to move in the direction of something quicker and stealthier.

I also doodled a bit today. Weird things, a flower-queen-lady-person, and an anthropomorphic bee lady.

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