Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Figures and a Face

Doodled a few figures from some kpop music videos, and I started working on a painting of Sulli (Choi Jinri) of f(x). Here's a preview of the head.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Portrait of Meng Jia

Should have been in bed by now, so I'll keep it short. Started a portrait of Meng Jia of missA (korean girl group) as practice last night and finished it today. Tried to follow photo reference as closely as possible, but I just couldn't for the life of me get her features right. Oh well, it still made for a fun exercise.

Friday, September 21, 2012

How Demons are Made

Finished the painting I was working on this week. I must point out that while I did rewatch Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne during the process of this painting, the chains and masks were added beforehand!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 23rd Birthday, Me!

So, today I turned twenty-three years old.

In other news, while taking a break from that map viewer (which has been taken about as far as I plan to before jumping back into the PHP end of the functionality), I decided to give a new photoshop brush set a shot (care of Mike Lim, better known as Daarken). Just noodled around with the brushes on Saturday.. or possibly Friday, I can't remember.

The past few days, I've tried to do something a bit more with those brushes. It's not done yet, but here's a preview; How Demons are Made.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

AoA Map Viewer - 20120908

Been working on this for a bit every evening this past week, and a lot today. Features that have been added include:

  • Selecting tiles (can be rendered as a filled chunk or a line drawn between the centres of the tiles)
  • Autofilling selections (when your selection isolates unselected tiles, they will automatically become selected if this setting is on)
  • Highlighting large regions on mouseover
  • Opening maps for individual cells; opening district maps doesn't work entirely just yet
    • These maps contain a rough depiction of the coastline, with seas filled in
There's still some glitchiness in some areas, but I'll iron that out soon enough. Tomorrow I guess I'll tackle stuff like getting the district maps working, and pushing the quality of those maps further. Right now they look pretty crappy.

Unfortunately, the more recent version is not playing nice with blogger, so you'll have to check it out here if you're interested: This will not work in older browsers like IE8.

If you want to check out the javascript behind it, it's right here:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Environment Doodles

These past few days have been productive. Spend a few hours after work picking away at my map viewer for Age of Avarice, then dinner, then Korean horror (Whispering Corridors 4 and 5) while doodling these environments! They're hardly environments, more like.. passing thoughts, splotches of colour and a loose atmosphere. I enjoyed what little time I spent on them, though. It's a weird feeling, painting everything on the same canvas, split into quadrants. It really forces you to push for variation.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

AoA Map Viewer - 20120901

This past week I decided to jump onto AoA again, continuing where I left off - the painful Map viewer. I jumped over a hurtle that had been paining me in my last attempts to move forward with this project, and now that I have a long weekend (labour day!), I'm plenty enthused to move forward.

For now, I just want to see if I can embed the viewer within the blog for show-off purposes. The viewer itself is in some pretty rudimentary stages, but a lot of the foundations are in place. The viewer takes in different 'map' objects that contain information regarding their grids and images - the grids themselves are defined very easily with offsets, dimensions and cell sizes. Based on this, all the functions are already in place to convert between coordinate spaces. This includes:
  • Viewer Space: Where clicks are registered (generally between 0,0 and 800,600 or whatever the viewer's dimensions are)
  • Map Space: The original dimensions of the map image (generally between 0,0 and 2000,1500). Any layered decals built on top of the images will be processed in this space, and finally reduced to viewer space at the end. This is so that I can work in a single, consistent space despite all of my zooming and panning.
  • Grid Space: The x,y position within the cells. On the main world map, this is between 0,0 and 38,28.
Currently, the only features in place include the ability to zoom and pan around (with a grid that remains attached to the map, but is consistently 1 pixel thick regardless of how much you zoom in) and the ability to double click on a cell to switch to a different map image (currently just a blank piece of parchment).

This is pretty close to as far as I got with the Legend map viewer - however, this application is significantly better in many ways. For example, the grid is no longer redrawn, cell by cell, every time the image is changed. Instead, I cached all of my grids to hidden canvases, and draw the entire grid to the application with a single draw call. I intend to use this method extensively, especially with highlighting cells, and map decals.

So, without further ado, here's the map viewer in its current state. Note that I had to cut it down to 50% of the size to keep it from messing up the blog layout. If you want to see it at the full intended size, check it out here: Also, this will not work in older browsers (like IE8).

Click and drag to pan around, right click to recenter the map, scroll wheel to zoom. Double click to load into the other blank map page.

I hope to have a more impressive display soon! But I'm pretty damn pleased with how this has come out so far. If you want to check out the javascript behind it, it's right here: