Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Tiling Textures

A couple tileable textures I made this weekend for an environment project I was working on over the past month. I haven't been focusing on it as much as I should, and have steadily been growing to regret marking my first foray into 3D in the past several months in a project of this scale. I'm aiming to put something together in UDK, using modular pieces with (mostly) tiling textures. Then throwing in a few more unique elements. Unfortunately, UDK just decided to start crashing every time I attempt to import something with TC_Normalmap compression (which, surprise! you need for normal maps). Oh well, I probably wasn't going to get it done for the Gnomon Workshop monthly challenge I was aiming for anyways. No big loss.

So I painted some wood panels and some stone bricks. The bricks are going to be used in conjunction with a much less noisy plaster covering, and I'll use alpha maps and a LERP material node to blend seamlessly between the two surfaces.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

BBQ Ribs Rider

It's been a long time since I'd last painted something just to vent my emotions, and that wasn't really the plan tonight - but in passing I saw a cropped thumbnail of a picture Jane had taken with her cellphone and posted to facebook. It was a picture of what appear to be barbecue ribs with a side of coleslaw. But I saw so much more! I saw a figure riding on a horse through a reddish, fiery scene. So, I pulled it into photoshop (it was a teeny file, 98x58) enlarged it and started scribbling on top.

Here's what I painted:

Here's the original thing I saw: