Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Exploring Avaricia Again

It's funny how we roleplayed in Avaricia, and used it as the setting for plenty of 'creative writing' (if you can use such lofty terms to refer to Anathema Online), but I've never had a clear sense of what Avaricia really looked like. In my mind, it was not unlike Troy (from the 2004 film), but carried some medieval elements. When you think about it though, standard English medieval architecture does not blend well with anything remotely Hellenic. At best, you can strive for Romanesque or Renaissance, but that's nothing close to what I wanted.

I've since compromised heavily, and am still in the process of refining my thoughts. I've always found drawing architecture to be extremely difficult, so I've also taken this as an opportunity to sharpen my skills in that area. Here's what I've got so far as an "Avarician" architectural style. Focus on the building on the right.

I'm trying to include a clean, light coloured stone as a major element in all construction, along with including things like columns here and there. I'm also interested in expanding on the use of arches - not as arcades, but as inlaid forms over doors and windows. These are examples of buildings you might find in less wealthy areas of the city - I'm going to aim for much taller structures closer to the palace. Also, I may work further on this particular sketch - right now, it's devoid of life. Were this truly a living city, the street would be full of carts and stalls.

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