Thursday, May 10, 2012

AoA: Logo work, Avatar base

I showed the logo design to a few particularly significant people (Ian, Luke, Khuyen). Got a positive review from the first two, but Khuyen felt I was capable of better. Unfortunately, thanks to some unsavoury internet problems on her end, I couldn't get anything more constructive than that. I'll admit that I felt very much ill-at-ease with the use of the heavy block text, but I still liked the overall design. It's difficult for me to trash something I genuinely like without being thoroughly convinced first. But she does have much more design training under her belt... Hm.

Having already chugged through the colour-experiments on the logo by this point, I decided to plow on ahead. I also happened to become even more dissatisfied with the text at this point, because it became even more dominant compared to the coloured elements. Below is my most recent rendition of the logo. Only the leaves are lacking any hand-painted texture (because I'm heading to bed).

Almost simultaneously while working on this, I was switching over to a rough attempt at painting a female avatar base. I'll probably make a lot of these 'attempts' as I figure out the appropriate anatomy and posing. God, the posing. As Jane rather tactlessly (albeit accurately) declared some time ago, my figures tend to be pretty horrible. This, compounded with the incredibly difficult task of finding a pose that is both neutral, but can be used to show a character properly wielding weapons, will undoubtedly result in a slew of test-runs. I think I should warm up with some figure drawing tomorrow before I start on another...

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