Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vague Environment Sketches

Usually I find it difficult to explore ideas - or to really form ideas at all. Most of all I experience this with environments, because the complex shapes and forms that go into architecture seems to overwhelm me at times. Below is an interesting progression of thought and clarity - I had a very rough idea of an ancient circle-thing that borders a pane of glass, aligned with the sun at a particular moment of a particular day, such that it would focus the rays. Or something like that.

The first sketch is nigh impossible to discern, but it allowed me to straighten things out in my mind. The second involved placing those objects in world space, still unsure of exactly what I wanted. The third finally captures a collection of elements with clear relation to one another, and repeated motifs. I'm afraid of leaning too far on the side of simplicity, or teetering towards over-complicating a scene. For the moment, I feel comfortable with this concept.

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