Monday, April 30, 2012

Exploring Avaricia

So I've decided to abandon Legend - sort of, kind of, not exactly. Legend itself has outgrown itself, and thinking about it after far too long just leaves me feeling puzzled as to what my overall intentions had been. It's a project that's gone on for over three years, and while a lot of the code is there, it just doesn't seem to serve any purpose anymore. It's overdeveloped, full of feature creep, and poorly planned.

It doesn't help that this game ultimately does nothing for my portfolio. I've learned that people look at you funny when you say you developed a text-based online game. I can see why, it doesn't sound like any big achievement, and I suppose it isn't. But still, if for nothing else, I want to complete such a project, because I enjoyed playing and running Anathema Online, and I'd like to do it again.

So, I'm starting over, and shrinking the scale. With Ian and Luke's help, I hope to have something I can release by July 1st, though I'm still unsure of how doable that is. We'll see.

The world itself has shrunk considerably - instead of introducing a whole new world, the game will be focused on the events after the first era of AO, as the city of Avaricia deals with the traumatic war that despite a clear victory, left the town and its ruling body in shambles.

Long story short, when I set down my plans for the game itself, I tried to explore the city itself with a few sketches while working on my cityscapes and backdrops in the process.

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