Friday, March 30, 2012

Neckbeard, the Third

Despite still not being wholly satisfied with the sack - or really satisfied at all with it - I blustered on forwards with colour, because I felt that was what my evening (late night, early morning, whatever) needed. Today's been a stressful day, but full of significant advances on my senior project. I've come to realize how weak my understanding of the basic structure of UDK networking truly is, but I'm squirming my way around it. I feel like most of my solutions have been messy at best, and really not following how the tools are intended to be used - that said, the documentation seems so convoluted, yet so sparse, on the matter that I cannot discern the designers' intent. No matter, with deadlines this close, all that matters is that it has to work.

I was set on this palette since last night. Raging purples and blues, accented by some reds on the joints and the belly. I really want to push the whole distended nature of the stomach, I think I may even try to make it seem somewhat translucent, but we'll see how effectively I can communicate that tomorrow.

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