Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saints Row the Third, the Fifth and Last

It's been a hell of a week, and it's only going to get quite a bit worse. A whole slew of assignments and a presentation due late this week and next week, a couple web development contracts that I need to get on top of (one of which I've been trucking through at a remarkable pace), and a functional demonstration of every aspect we intend to include in our senior project game due in less than two weeks. I think I'd be fine, were it not for the pesky annotated bibliographies, essay abstracts and presentations, even though they're likely the least involved of everything on my plate.

Back on Thursday, I managed to rebuild all of the flash components of my Senior Project's user interface (moving from AS3 to AS2), which ultimately allowed me to overcome my crashing issues. So that was good. Also been spending much of the weekend away from UDK, opting to spend my days building a portfolio website for a client. Khuyen had been handling all of the design aspect for a good while, and finished her part earlier this week - so now it's all on me to build it up. Between Friday and today, I built the layout in HTML/CSS and added a fair bit of the Javascript (jQuery) functionality. All that's left is incorporating jPlayer for music and video (client's a musician/composer), and integrating a custom CMS.

While my days were spent coding, my evenings were mostly spent painting. I've been pretty tired of this Saints Row character portrait for a good while, but I couldn't just let it go, so I finished it up. Much of the time was spent being frustrated about the over-saturated colours and poorly scribbled backdrop, but I've done what I could. It's done now, and I'm not wholly disappointed with it. I'm kind of eager to go back to doing some quick doodles though. Hopefully I'll be able to get out from under the articles I have to read for class and the web development I have to finish up to screw around in Photoshop tomorrow night. Hopefully.

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