Monday, February 13, 2012

Cain and Abel, the Second

Tried looking for reference, especially for the figures of Adam and Eve embracing each other, but I couldn't find anything that would really even remotely suit the pose. So, I will have to wing it, I guess. Oh well. I'll try and give myself plenty of chances to re-evaluate my direction before I take this to colour (I'm still well away from that stage), so I hope I can work out some of the more glaring issues.

In other news, I managed to finish the annotated bibliography that's due on Tuesday for art history. We've been given a good twenty-three paintings (all, or most on display at the National Art Gallery) to choose from for our essay. I quickly narrowed it down to three; a Giordano, a Rembrandt or a West. Unfortunately, I could find next to nothing in terms of articles on the first two... Although in retrospect I don't remember looking particularly hard for the Rembrandt ("The Tribute Money"). I think I forgot about it, while fussing over the Giordano. It's too bad, because it really is a lovely painting. But anyways, I found a fair bit about the Benjamin West painting, and despite initially not being particularly taken by it, reading the articles really increased my interest in the piece. I think by nature I'm more drawn to pieces of classical nature and subject, but it is very much the fact that West pulls away from that standard that makes "The Death of General Wolfe" so alluring in its own right. Also helps that I remember doing a project back in junior high about the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, so I'm familiar with some context.

Considering, though, that the painting itself can be interpreted in so many different ways, and holds so many layers of meaning and significance, I shouldn't have too much trouble writing an essay on the topic. I hope.

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