Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Queen of Thieves - Part 3

I've been sketching and doodling and working away in photoshop somewhat this evening, and I don't think I can do much with this piece. At this point, I'm simply not fit to create a complex backdrop. It's been good practice, but I need to do (more) studies and whatnot. Anyways, tomorrow I've got to start working on bringing some environments into UDK for my senior project, and I don't see myself returning to this piece afterwards. It's frustrating as hell, since this is probably one of the first pieces I've abandoned after a significant amount of work and re-work in a very long time. Oh well.

Here's the resketched backdrop, along with an attempt at refining it. I brought in the tower from the old one, just to see how it'd work.. Probably a big mistake, since the perspective is completely different. I wanted to use that sort of separation to create a more dramatic angle, but here it's plainly jarring.

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